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This is a user supplied database of UK based phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organisations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, ignore the TPS legislations and / or the silent calls directive from OFCOM or just simply interrupt your day.

If you received a strange call, most likely you are not the only one. Search for this phone number to see the reports of others. If there are no reports yet, leave your comment to start a conversation.

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My wife answered the phone and, after confirming we paid our BT bill by direct debit, she asked me to speak to the caller. He said he was from some telephone security authority and once again confirmed my name and address (he could get these from the phone book anyway.) He then told me we would no longer get any nuisance calls. I gave vague answers to his next few questions. He then asked for the date when my debit card expired. I gave him a date that was obviously fictitious and he abruptly rang off. He was clearly trying to get my debit/credit card details to take money fraudulently.


Books escort off adultwork and doesnt arrive


Hung-up as soon as picked up. No voicemail


Robocall For free boiler under Government scheme press 2 press 9 to be removed. I dialed 9 (pulse dialed) call cut off. Fake CLI number trunkated 9 digits only. Trunkated number and fake CLI indicates this is possibly a burglar or scammer requiring a response to see if I am in or out.


Robocall CLI 0+9digits so Fake CLI therefore a scammer. Concerned may be recording being played by burglar to get whether I am in or out. I need to be able to trace these calls! I need a public Robocaller blacklist maintained by ICO or Ofcom like the FCC do in USA.


Robocall for PPI claim. Fake CLI therefore a scammer Their system faild to detect answering machine and recorded their message.


Called today at 18:03, silent call


dead call


Computer scam als use the number 0032012222330131 very nasty people


Very aggressive operators also use the number 012222330131


Called today at 13:25 with the governments new boiler scheme. The options were 2 to speak or 9 to be taken off the register. I have pressed nine on quite a few to times, but they keep ringing. This time I pressed 2 to speak to an adviser Told them the ( option does not work and to take me off the register they just hung up


Called may 2 1400 Hrs asking about an accident I have had


Silent call 09:32


Unsolicited PPI caller who actually named my wife. Asian voice stated he was phoning in relation to her recent PPI claim but would not or could not give any further info. I told him my wife was not available but I would get her and ring him back if he could tell me how much her claim was for and my other details. No reply. I asked what PPI stood for , but he did not understand my English. When I said he was a heat and fraudster and would report his phone number, he hung up.


Oven cleaners


Spoofed callers CLI = 0000000000 Robocall about Oven Cleaner


This number belongs to a man that randomly call women to harass them over calls and texts. Beware


One junk call. Obviously the number shown which appeared on my phone is not anything like a correct number so I am curious about how it registered on my phone. As with all junk calls I do not respond, just wait until they give up. The noise in the background is usually a giveaway.


I am concerned about the content and worried about needing to upgrade my boiler by 2016. I am not sure if the caller is genuine or if the CLI number is a genuine business phone number. There needs to be an ICO / Ofcom free database where we can check the Robocall about energy efficient boiler - govt. requirement by 2016. Press 2 now / or 9 to unsubscribe. validity of these call centre callers against the various comments that have been left. In short I require the Govt. to provide the necessary service paid for by licencing the call centres. How do I know if 03833440692 is a genuine business caller or a scammer with a spoofed CLI. In USA the FCC provide the necessary service why not here in uk.


This number called today claiming to be from Microsoft and that I had a fault on my computer. Hung up when I asked them which computer they were referring to. 0058 is the country code for Venezuela.